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First Fic

Title: Respite
Rating: PG
Word count: 788
Series: Dark Visions
Summary: Just a perspective on Gabriel and Kaitlyn, before the institute and after.
Notes: I tried to get the characterisation right, but if it’s a little off I’m sorry.

Kaitlyn and Gabriel had gone through a lot together, in the institute and outside of it. Whether it be a sad time or a happy time, it seemed as though they had always had each other and one thing that held true for them both was that no matter what they would always live and love with all their hearts.

When Kaitlyn was younger she was alone. In a world of swirling, bright shadows that refused to leave her alone she was repressed and hidden away. Nobody wanted a sordid witch child who drew images of macabre events. Nobody wanted a girl who in her earliest memories envisioned a drowning child. To them she was an animal who could have caused such things herself, but to Gabriel she was oh, so much more.

When he came he drove away the nightmares. Breaking through long forgotten shields of misted tears and painted lies. He made her cry and laugh and sing with all her heart and she would never be able to thank him enough. Because he saved her and he loved her, and most of all he wanted her. She wasn’t alone anymore. No, not when she had him.

Gabriel was much the same. A child of the dismal grey streets of a city that held no remorse for him, whose father’s idea of life was alcoholism and hatred of his own son, he had no place in this world of sin and technology. But then there was a way out, a light in the squalid, dank darkness of his mind. And he had felt so intensely towards that girl that was his salvation. Until she died. It was his fault, he knew that but it was never intentional and it ripped him apart inside. She was a gift that was marred by a curse, never to return.

For years he had run in agony and fear, hardening himself because he thought that nobody could ever love him again. Because even if they did, there was a chance that they’d never live to tell the tale. Sometimes at night he would weep in respite of his soul, a demon locked away in chains far from the eyes of the mortal world that had shunned and bruised him. His eyes hollow and dead from unimaginable pain. Kaitlyn changed that.

When she came everything was right. There were no more hands reaching out in the dark to bruise and break him, there was no more solace in violence and solitude, there was only that sweet song that his heart sang whenever she was in view. When he had first caught sight of her in the institute he was apprehensive. He knew all to well the pain of being an empty shell that was useful for little more than releasing anger. Then gradually he had come to trust her, even love her, until he was full up with her and her alone.

Of course he had, had to deal with the Golden boy first but in the end wasn’t it worth it? Just to be the one to wipe away her tears and make her smile? After all that was what they deserved, two broken souls melded together to renew themselves in each others dark glow. He wasn’t alone anymore. No. Not when he had her.

So here they were living a normal life in a small suburb, with a nice house, a nice car and good jobs. Kaitlyn had taken a job as an art teacher at the local school, helping children where she could and enjoying the lighter side of her gifts. Of course Gabriel supported her because that’s what husbands do. He himself had elected to become a writer, a job where he could write about all that had happened without fear of persecution, because to his readers ‘Raphael’ and ‘Katherine’ were just characters. Yet to him they meant oh so much more. When he had first left the institute he had felt lost and without purpose but now he had found his purpose in expressing all that had plagued him and caring for his wife and children.

Yes that’s right children. About a year after leaving the institute Kaitlyn had fallen pregnant with their first child, a baby boy named Dorian and a few years later his little sister Sariel followed, both of them inheriting their mother’s witchy eyes and their father’s teasing nature. Then of course there were the powers, the boy a telepath, the girl an empath, Kaitlyn and Gabriel swore to themselves that their children would never have to suffer what they did. And sure enough they didn’t because they were encompassed in love and kindness and all that their parents had never known.

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